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Beyond The Physical

What a stress relief program can accomplish

An emotional detox can free up emotions, increase creativity, and help manage anger and aggression.

Detox diets for humans are increasingly popular. There are thousands of ads for juicing, vegan diets, colon cleanses and spas. Detox is definitely important – but my idea of a detox includes not only physical cleansing, but also emotional detox that clears your body of stagnant emotions and emotional baggage.

In the US and some other parts of the world, there are 80,000+ toxic chemicals in use in our houses, food and medicine. Medical literature shows an association between our physical and emotional health and our dog’s physical and emotional health and the toxins we are all exposed to, such as heavy metals, certain types of hormones, and industrial plasticizers.

It’s difficult to change behaviors when we can’t figure out why the dog is doing them in the first place, whether it’s reacting to the presence of others dogs, being grumpy from physical issues due to trauma or toxins, or having a compulsion to chase cars.